A) Questions regarding Studies

International applicants who have questions regarding studies are kindly requested to contact the  Rector's Theological Advisor, Mr. Vincent Jünger:


B) German Language Proficiency

Applicants must prove knowledge of the German language on level C1 according to the »Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)«. Certificates which correspond to this level are, among others: the “Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)”, at least level 2, and the “Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF)”, at least level IV as attained in each of the four parts of the TestDaF. 

Details are available in the "Rahmenordnung über Deutsche Sprachprüfungen für das Studium an deutschen Hochschulen (RO-DT)".

C) Admission to Studies

Applicants who received their qualification for admission to higher education outside Germany need an admission for their studies at Sankt Georgen. In order to receive the admission, please follow these instructions:

  1. If you are applying to pursue a Doctorate please contact one of the Sankt Georgen professors. The matriculation for doctorate studies normally requires that a professor of Sankt Georgen declares his readiness to be the moderator of your doctoral studies.
    Applicants for licentiate studies are also recommended to contact one of the Professors or Assistant Professors (Dozenten) at an early stage.
  2. In any case, please complete online the Application for Admission for International Applicants .
  3. Please send the following documents
    • tabulated curriculum vitae
    • letter of reference from a church official (not required for applicants for the part-time Bachelor's degree programme "Church Practice in Secular Society")
    • officially certified copies of your qualification for university-level studies (Abitur, college-high school diploma)
    • officially signed copies of your previous studies (levels achieved, academic grades, transcripts of records, etc.)
    • officially certified evidences of language proficiency in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, if not already proved in the previous documentation
    • officially certified evidence of language proficiency in German, if you have already passed an exam
    • officially certified translations of certificates which are not issued in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese

    by post or by e-mail as scanned documents to the following address:

    Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen 
    - Theologischer Referent des Rektors, Herr Vincent Jünger - 
    Offenbacher Landstraße 224 
    D - 60599 Frankfurt am Main 
    Tel.: ++49 69 6061-255

  4. If you need a Visa for your entry to Germany, please note part D).
  5. If you are a priest or member of a religious order who intends to live in the seminary of Sankt Georgen during your studies, please note part E).

D) Visa

If you need a Visa for your entry to Germany in order to study at Sankt Georgen, please note the following information:

  1. Please follow the instructions above under C).
  2. When the documentation submitted is complete, the Hochschule will decide whether you have the necessary prerequisites for the particular course of study (Basic Course = Magister Theologiae 5 years, Licentiate, Doctorate)
  3. Before leaving your home country, arrangements should be made in good time regarding the finances of your stay and studies at Sankt Georgen. For room and board, health insurance, academic fees, clothing, books, pocket money, etc., about € 1.200,00 per month is necessary. 
    Please take into consideration that for a language course at a language school in Germany additional cost will accrue. 
    Please take also into consideration that the cost for illnesses of which you already suffer will not be accepted by the health insurance in Germany. These expenses have to be borne by the students themselves. 
    See also: Addresses of some organisations which may be approached regarding financing of studies.
  4. As soon as you have received the confirmation for financing, please send a certified copy to:

    Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen 
    - Theological Advisor to the Rector, Mr Vincent Jünger - 
    Offenbacher Landstraße 224 
    D - 60599 Frankfurt am Main 
    Tel.: ++49 69 6061-255

  5. After receiving the Declaration of Financial Responsibility, and after confirming the adequacy of the academic documentation, the administration of the Hochschule will issue a confirmation (Bestätigung) that matriculation can take place in a given term.
  6. As soon as you receive this Bestätigung of your planned matriculation, submit it along with the original of the Declaration of Financial Responsibility to the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country and request a »Studentenvisum« (student visa).
  7. This Visa Application will be sent from the German embassy of your home country to the Ordnungsamt of the City of Frankfurt (resp. of the municipality where you will reside) who will issue you with an Aufenthaltsgenehmigung (Residence Permit). This Genehmigung (permit) will be communicated to the German embassy of your home country, which will issue your Visa.
  8. When you have received the Visa, you should immediately (at least two weeks before you leave) inform the Hochschule of your planned arrival in Germany - with date, time, and flight number.
  9. Detailed information about Visa applications is available at the DAAD-Homepage.

E) Accommodation at Sankt Georgen

Sankt Georgen does not have student residences. Priests and members of male religious orders may rent - if available - a room in the Priesterseminar (priest seminary) of Sankt Georgen. In this case, an application from the ecclesiastical superior must be sent to the Regens of the Priesterseminar Sankt Georgen:

P. Axel Bödefeld SJ 
Regens des Priesterseminars Sankt Georgen 
Offenbacher Landstraße 224 
D - 60599 Frankfurt am Main 
Tel. ++49 69 6061-215