Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

In the area of its postgraduate program, the College also offers the possibility of further and in-depth postgraduate studies with the state-recognized degree of Doctor of Philosophy. As focal points, various topics from the broad range of teaching in philosophy and theology offered at the College can be chosen. Those who have completed at least eight semesters of study in one course of study or in consecutive courses of study can be admitted to this program. Part of this postgraduate study is a graduate school. 

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is an institution of the Sankt Georgen College of Philosophy and Theology. It serves the best possible advancement of doctoral students with the goal of obtaining the degree of a 'Doctor of Philosophy' (PhD). Within the framework of the Graduate School, each doctoral student completes a structured postgraduate course. This is specially tailored to the topic of the doctoral thesis and forms an independent element within the PhD program. It is determined by the director of the graduate school, taking into account joint proposals by the doctoral candidate and the first supervisor. Under the umbrella of the Graduate School, special courses of study in the postgraduate area (e.g. advanced seminars, colloquia, conferences) are also bundled together, which serve to deepen the scientific knowledge of the doctoral thesis, to present and discuss initial research results and to promote interdisciplinary exchange among the doctoral students. Präsentation und Diskussion erster Forschungsergebnisse und dem interdisziplinären Austausch unter den Doktoranden dienen.  

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