Students enrolled at the Sankt Georgen College of Philosophy and Theology who wish to maintain their enrollment for the following semester must 

- first transfer the semester fees for the following semester and 

- then register online (see below).

Typical student fees when re-registering for SS 2024: 

Semester fees: 120,00 €

Management fee with accident insurance:   20,00 €

AStA fees:     4,60 €

RMV semester ticket: 176,40 €

in total:321,00 €

For the amount of the fees in special cases (e.g. from the 14th semester onwards), please refer to the fee schedule

Payment of all fees is cashless to the following bank account:

Phil.-Theol. Hochschule Sankt Georgen e.V. 
Pax-Bank Köln 
IBAN: DE38 3706 0193 4003 6000 39 


  • Re-registration for the summer semester must be done between February 1 and March 25.
  • Re-registration for the winter semester must be done between July 1 to September 25.
  • An extension of the re-registration deadline is only possible if the student is prevented from attending for reasons beyond their control.

After the semester fees have been received and you have successfully re-registered, the renewal of your student card, the re-issuance of the new RMV semester ticket and the course certificates can be done at the Student secretariat. (It is also possible to request these documents by post; to do this, send your student ID card and a stamped envelope to the Student Secretariat). 

To re-register, please first enter your user name and password below. If you do not know your username or password, or if you have any other questions about re-registration, please contact the Student Secretariat:

Phil.-Theol. Hochschule Sankt Georgen
Offenbacher Landstraße 224
60599 Frankfurt
Tel. (0 69) 60 61 - 217

Registration in Georgius

In order to renew your registration, please sign in to Georgius.